Orbán: stimulus needed for 4% growth rate

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán suggested economic stimulus will be necessary to raise this year’s GDP growth to 4% at a weekly press briefing on government measures.

The press briefing was a special event, as the Prime Minister subbed in for Minister of the Prime Ministerʼs Office Gergely Gulyás, who usually entertains the questions of the press at such events.

“The government will do everything it can to achieve 4% growth this year,” Orbán said.

“Our position is that, if we don’t take stimulus measures in the first quarter, growth will be under 4%,” he added. The official government forecast for 2019 GDP growth is 4.1%, while the World Bank predicts a growth of 3.2%.

Original article: https://bbj.hu/economy/orban-stimulus-needed-for-4-growth-rate_159895